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  • Welcome To Ajman Modern School

    Since its First Year the school offered its services with a special Curriculum for teaching students with daily thinking skills with international team composed of many nationalities.
  • Teachers

    Teachers and support staff come from a various group of nationalities. Ajman Modern School is committed to recruiting the superlative competent teachers and support staff with suitable international experience and established performance.
  • Music and Play.

    Special classes for Art & music for students for their Entertainment and awareness with Arts culture.
  • Music and Play.

    Special classes for Art & music for students for their Entertainment and awareness with Arts culture.
Ajman Modern School started in 2005 with grades kindergarten and up to the seventh grade, vision and clear mission expanded over the years to develop and update these tasks and access to each individual within the school for the most it can be accessed and follow up all that is new and modern to serve the educational process .
On 2014, the secondary has been opened . School got the academic accreditation from ministry of education in UAE and is now considered as UNESCO`s Associated School in supporting education for sustainable development and international understanding of peace and dialogue between different cultures .
  1. Vision
  2. Mission Statement
  3. Strategy



To be a Model International School that enhances the skills of every student to its greatest potential preparing them to become an active member of the international society.



School provides a challenging, inquiry-based American and international education that empowers students by promoting intellectual curiosity, independent and critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills, a lifelong passion for learning, and an exposure to and a respect for cultural diversity. By expecting academic excellence, we inspire personal growth and develop intrinsically motivated global citizens who are committed to being leaders in community service and environmental responsibility.



By offering the most modern educational programs though qualified and trained teachers and support staff utilizing modern tools, resources and technologies that drive students to become information seeking inquisitors live through the joy of discovery, creativity and problem solving. At the same time as maintaining equal ground for each and every student taking into consideration the different levels and learning pattern, Special requirement and needs, skills and interests that make every student unique yet equality challenged.

Message from Principal

Ms. Fatima Abdullah Alshaali

When kids enter an educational institution, their families wish to feel safety for their kids in the chosen place as well as their desire to gain knowledge and original values.

I have put in consideration that I’m responsible for these kids firstly as a mother who always desires the best for her kids both academe and behavioral , secondly as a principal who runs an institution that has its rules and objectives which have to be applied. The institution also has its objectives which have to be carried out under the slogan of {we seek every one reaches the possible utmost goals}

I started by design the strategy plan for Ajman Modern School with BOD as we carefully studied the basis for making a generation equipped with knowledge and going on with novelty and progress and keeping his cultural heritage and Islamic values at the same time.

All aids and modern techniques are provided in Ajman Modern School. This contributes in achieving the goals. Mr. Abdallah Alshaali who is the founder of this school always gives us great support which helps this school to succeed.

We have forgotten the psychological needs of students we provided the learning environment and deal with the soul of one family. We have also activated the guided sports and music activities to be a motivating element for the students and to make the time spent at school not boring and to create a sense of competing among students.

The working team ( Administrators – Teachers – Supervisors ) has an obvious role in achieving the school vision and implementing its policy thus we have launched towards the summit, harvesting prizes on the level of the Emirate and the Whole Country.

May Allah Help Us Bear The Responsibility And Achieve The Mission 

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