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Being a member of a school is like being a part of a family.  For everybody to get along and to have freedom, all must share certain duties.  Rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. The following pages list student rights and responsibilities which will help to guide you, the student, to success while you attend school.

Students Responsibilities and Rights

  1. Students have the responsibility to know and obey rules and laws which govern their conduct while at school or on school property and to expect consequences for any inappropriate behavior.
  2. Schools must provide opportunities for learning and have the responsibility to learn and use the educational experiences provided for them.
  3. Students have the responsibility to respect the rights of other persons who may have different points of view on some issues.
  4. Students have a responsibility to respect other persons and the property of others in the school setting and at school activities.
  5. Students have the responsibility to conduct themselves so that disciplinary action will not be necessary.
  6. Students have the responsibility to take care of the property (e.g., textbooks, equipment, materials) provided to them by the school system.
  7. Students have the responsibility to show respect during the National Anthem.

Having Respect

a.    At school everyone works to make sure that students are safe and well and that their day will be pleasant. 
b.    Students must do their part by:

  1. Not hurting other people or their feelings.
  2. Not taking things which do not belong to them.
  3. Not damaging other people’s property or things.
  4. Dressing in the right manner for school.
  5. Helping us keep the school neat and clean.

Free Speech

  1. All students have the right to express themselves as long as it does not hurt others.
  2. Students that wish to speak in the classroom or place items of interest on the bulletin board or show them to the class must arrange with the classroom teacher.
  3. If there is a school program, party, or play which the student parents does not allow the student to attend, students must inform the classroom teacher in advance.

Coming to School

  1. Students must attend school each day and be on time.
  2. If the student is sick or have a family emergency, the parent must either inform the school on the same day by phone or send a note with the student on the following day explaining the absence. 

Knowing the Rules

  1. The school has rules for all students, which they must know and follow.
  2. If any of the students breaks a rule, they will be treated fairly.
  3. Students will be allowed to tell their side of the story to their teacher or the supervisor.
  4. Punishment may include verbal warning, Informing the parents or guardians, or afterschool detention.

Getting Together

  1. During their free time, students may get together on school grounds or buildings if permission has been given and it will not disturb others.

Learning in School

  1. The School will help students grow into a useful and successful adult.  To do this, students must take part in all of the classes and other activities to the best of your ability.
  2. All school workers are there to help students do their best.
  3. If any students have any questions or problems, they should ask for help.
  4. Students who bother others and make it hard for them to learn may be removed from the classroom and sent to the supervisor office for disciplinary action.

People Who Are Different

  1. Everyone is different in his or her own special way.
  2. Students should treat all people in the same way and not make fun of others because they are different.
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