Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 11:10:18 AM

Admission Policy

  1. Attendance on time and within school policy.
  2. AMS uniform is compulsory including sport uniform.
  3. Material such as Mobiles, Electronics and jewelry are prohibited.
  4. Comply with AMS general policy.
  5. Absence as the executive statue of the Ministry of Education.
  6. Home follow-up review of the school and interest in the events of the recall, is an important.  
  7. Attention to attendance at meeting parents.
  8. The academic day starts at 7:30Am and the school gate is closed a 8:30Am no admissions and exceptions, but that does not exceed the number of delay (6) times during the school year.
  9. In the case of a student’s beating is then directed the attention of the warning then a final warning and dismissal shall be entitled to separation of the students school id you do not respond with the school management.
  10. Any damage or vandalism to the property of the school, parents bear the expenses of this.


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