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Regulation of the students

Mr. Respectful Guardian:

We are pleased that we continue to build bridges of cooperation and communication between us and for all the benefit of the educational process for our students of Ajman Modern School. Please each item in the list before you start the registration process so that the policy of the school is clear for guardians.


  • School receives students from seven o'clock in the morning.
  • Assembly starts at 7:40 and the student must commit to attending the morning assembly.
  • Closing the school gate after the end of the morning assembly and the student needs permission to enter from the administration in case of delays noting that he is not allowed to delay more than twice during the term.
  • First period starts at 8:00 so in case of 10 minutes lateness, and if for an accepted reason for the delay, he/she will not be able to attend the first lesson as entry of the student after the teacher explanation disrupts the lesson processing.


  • The student must adhere to doing homework and preparing lessons through the weekly plan .
  • In case a student is absent for the test, the guardian has submit a medical excuse or a convincing reason to the school administration so that he is given another exam according to the schedule of the teacher and if repeated absence from Re-test, it will not be done again and the student to submit an appropriate project before registering the marks while the mark of the project is determined by the teacher .
  • Commitment to calmness, cooperation and participation within the classroom without causing disruption in the classroom or in the corridors of the school during the movement from one place to another.


  • Commitment to the full school uniform as well as the black shoe and supplements (veil / belt / jacket) suitable colors for school uniform so that there is consistency with the uniforms.
  • Commitment to the proper length hair for boys that do not to have length to the eyes or by linking from behind.
  • Commitment that the girls tying their hair especially the long and careful not to cover the eyes.
  • Commitment to sports suit and not wearing it but in the days prescribed by the schedule and we will not allow the student to participate in physical education if not wearing the uniform in order to preserve the school uniform .


  • Compliance deadlines to leave as the school does not bear the responsibility of the student out before the end of working and the consequent loss of classes.
  • In case of the desire of guardian to take a student out, a permission is taken, please commitment to the following:
    • Contact in advance and inform the Students’ Affairs the time of the guardian attendance to inform the supervisor and send the student to the reception to wait for the guardian.
    • filling out a form of taking the student out completely.
    • The student is not taken out during the lesson processing , but is done in five minutes between the classes so there is no confusion or interference on the rest of the students.

Fifth: (Contraband)

  • Bringing any electronic devices to school is totally banned (mobile phone - games - music players - I pad) and any device with the student is confiscated and will not be returned till the end of the school year.
  • Wearing gold jewelry is not allowed as the school is not responsible for the loss.
  • Do not put lipstick or eyeliner or colored nail polish (for girls).

VI (The process of communication with the school)

Morning period for all administrators are the most important period of follow-up entry and attendance of students in the morning assembly and organize their return to the classes to start the lessons and to ensure the safety of students and their interest. This is not the right time to meet the parents. So we hope you……………… :

  • Contact the school to schedule the meeting and the reception will guide you to the responsible person for the subject of communication directly.
  • There are a lot of observations can communicate with them by contacting the administrators to save time and it will be answered as soon as possible depending on the type of observation and after follow-up with those concerned .
  • It is not allowed for the teacher to get out of the class to meet the guardian in order to preserve the processing of the period for the benefit of all students.
  • Contacting Parent in case of the absence of the student to inquire about the reason.
  • In case of any behavior contrary to the laws of the school or the low level of the student in the school, the guardian is called to develop a treatment plan and cooperate in its application.
  • Seventh: (laws and regulations of the use of the school bus)
  • Waiting for the bus five minutes before the time of arrival, while the bus does not have to stop for more than two minutes for each student to get on the bus.
  • Waiting for the arrival of the student five minutes before the time of the arrival of the bus and pick him/her up from the supervisor so that the rest of the students do not be late for their parents.
  • The student on the bus must sit down and not move recklessly or put his head out of the window or throw waste does or beat or insult his mates.
  • The violator of the laws is deprived from riding the bus the next day and guardian is notified on the evening of the offense.
  • Bus route is specified in accordance with the streets and entrances so we hope your understanding in case of any delay caused by any obstruction of traffic or congestion.
  • Stopping the bus and taking a student in the way without informing the administration is strictly banned.
  • The unwillingness of the parent to use the bus on a particular day can be reported about at least two hours before driven out of school so that it is reported to buses supervisors and section supervisors and the guardian has to come half an hour at least before moving students from classes to change the direction of the student from the bus to the car parking and inform buses supervisor so.

Thank you for your cooperation ...
School Board

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