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Documents Required for Admission 

1. A photo of student’s and guardian’s valid passport ( A photo of residence for residents)
2. A photo of security card ( doesn’t have a passport )
3. A photo of birth certificate.
4. A photo of student’s identity card.
5. Vaccination certificate ( photo )
6. 4 personal photo .
7. A photo of family book for ( U.A.E Citizens )

Additional Documents for the following Cases:

First: Students transferred from other schools.

1. Transfer certificate from the school transferred from ( certified by the Educational Zone – 15 Dhs. If not certified ) or Drop out certificate for who are transferred from government schools ( Certified by the Educational Zone )
2. Certificate of success for the last grade ( End of Year ) certified by the school transferred from
3. Certificate of good conduct for students Grade 6 and older From the school transferred From.
4. Bringing the medical file from pervious school.

Second: Students coming from outside the country..

1. Certificate courses certified by the embassy of country coming from in addition to UAE foreign affairs. Admission Procedures..
1. Student’s attendance accompanied by his guardian for an interview with the above mentioned documents. 2. Go to admission department.
3. Doing a placement test for KG2 and older.
4. After the test result, the guardian fills in the admission Form.
5. Paying 1000 Dhs. As admission fees only 500 Dhs. Deducted from tuition fees while chiques are given to accounts department.
6. Giving Student’s file to the admission dept. to specify the grade section.
7. Go to receive books and uniform.
8. Specifying bus number and printing bus card.

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