Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 9:51:43 AM

Extra-Curriculum Activities

Parents are required to support the student in every aspect and allow them to discover their interests. Many students might sign up to different clubs and activities and later on change their minds to peruse another. The classroom teachers will act as a guide alongside the extra-curriculum activities organize who will follow-up the students’ performance academically and socially to ensure balance is always maintained.

Timing and Scheduling


Extra-Curriculum activities are organized to take place throughout the academic year to support the learning objectives of the academic curriculum and increase the student activity level during and after the school day and academic semesters.

During the day: extra-curriculum activities may take place during specific related classes such as Arts, Music, and Physical Education or during the breaks or the free lesson. In all cases, these activities will be coordinated between the activity supervisor, class teacher and related party.

After School: a schedule will be published for after school activates. Students will be given a 15 minutes break after the last period and will then proceed to the Extra-Curriculum Activities class as designated.

Weekends: these activates will take place on Thursday evening or Saturday morning/evening as required and designated by the supervisor.



The basics clubs that will be operating as per the school policy, students may choose two clubs to join given that they do no deflect in scheduling. The school Extra-Curriculum Activities supervisor will be planning the clubs activities with the activities supervisor taking into consideration the demand and traffic of each club.

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