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Transportation by bus is an additional service provided by the school to all students within the pre-designated zones. Parents must register the students for either one way trip or two way trips and identify the house location clearly at the beginning of every year. It usually takes the school one to two weeks to finalize the bus schedule as parents continue to register their students and new routes are always being calculated for optimum timing.

School Bus routes and stops

The school bus service is currently available to the following cities:

  • City of Ajman: all areas excluding suburbs.
  • City of Sharjah: restricted to specific zones
  • City of Umm al-Quwain: all areas excluding suburbs.

The bus driver is instructed to stop for a maximum of 5 minutes in front of each house to ensure that all students arrive to school on time and that no students are left on the bus for a long period of time.

Parking Lot and Traffic Safety Rules

Parents are urged to follow the designated traffic route established at the school parking lot in delivering and picking up children.  These routes have been designated for the safety of all children and for the efficient movement of cars and buses. 

Those persons who drive vehicles on or near school property should exercise caution at all times and maintain the lowest speed possible. The safety of children is a primary concern of the school. 

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